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Hi! I’m Jamilah! I’ve been a Navy wife since 2006, after earning my Masters in Marriage & Family Therapy from San Diego State University. After relocating to other areas, I longed for a sense of community and resources–hence, I created Black Military wives! The goal of Black Military Wives (B.M.W.) is to create relationships between women who share similar cultural and family experiences, in relation to the military. B.M.W. also has a Facebook Group, which was established in January, 2016. The group now has more than 8,000 members–even though it’s a “secret” group! At the time of its creations, there wasn’t any other worldwide “Black Military Wives…” anything! Now, there are so many resources available to our community! Together, we are making a remarkable difference in building friendships and sharing resources between sisters all over the world, and I’m so thankful to be apart of this amazing sisterhood.

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Black Military Families Who Homeschool

Homeschooling for many Black families existed long before the Covid-19 pandemic inspired some parents to educate their own children (full-time). For some Black veteran homeschoolers, the journey of homeschooling is certainly “the road less traveled.” Despite being treated as social pariahs before school-at-home became the norm, there was a rare group of Black families who

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Everyday Fathers

Forty years…it took me forty years! Up until eight short months ago, I did not know who my biological father was.  When I prayed as a teenager, I often referred to the Creator as “Daddy,” just so I could use the word.  Not all of the time–just usually when I wanted “fatherly” advice on something,

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Mothers of Angels

If life begins at conception, so does motherhood. I remember reading a post in which a woman introduced her family.  She shared, “I have four children, which includes an angel-baby.”  My heart melted.  Her angel-baby wasn’t pictured in the family photograph near her other three kids, but spiritually, the baby was there!   The child

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