About B.M.W.

Black Military Wives, LLC (B.M.W.) was created for the unique, cultural needs of Black women who are/were connected to the military by marriage OR their own service in the military.  The purpose of B.M.W. is to provide emotional support and information to women who are/were officially affiliated with the DoD branches of the United States Armed Forces (Air Force, Army, Navy or Marine Corps). Women affiliated with the Coast Guard are also welcome to join, even though it isn’t a DoD branch.

Through B.M.W., one might find answers to questions ranging from “Where can I get my daughter’s hair braided in Japan?” to “Can anyone recommend a church in San Diego?”  In some ways, B.M.W. is a home away from home.  Having a healthy, supportive sisterhood among Black women is desired by many military-affiliated Black women. Some of us might find it difficult to meet and bond with others, while moving all over the world and looking for answers to our culturally-centered questions.  Personal questions are posed and answered within the B.M.W. Facebook group, which grew rapidly within its first year of operation.  The Facebook group gained more than 8,000 members since it was created in 2016!

When the Facebook group was created, it began with less than 10 Black women who were connected to the military. However, in just FIVE days of operating, we had 300 members!  The continued growth confirms the necessity and relevance of our support network. As we continue to grow in numbers, the most important aspect of B.M.W. is that we always grow first in “SUPPORT, ENCOURAGEMENT, and TRUST.”  So, GET S.E.T. as we strengthen our sisterhood and create the very-much-needed support system for Black women who are/were affiliated to the U.S. military.

*Although B.M.W. created specifically for the unique cultural/ethnic needs and concerns of Black women, we do not encourage or allow hate speech toward other ethnic groups. Black Military Wives is one of MANY military wives “groups/organizations” who cater to specific demographics.

***Please note the Black Military Wives, LLC is NOT endorse by, or affiliated with, the United State Armed Forces.

***”Black Military Wives” on Facebook is now a SECRET GROUP.  In order to join, please go to Facebook and search for the PUBLIC PAGE: “Black Military Wives SUPPORT NETWORK.”