“Home sweet home” is a phrase that doesn’t always apply to military families when we visit our hometowns. For some of us, returning home can be bittersweet. After living in different places and meeting a variety of people, our perspective of

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The GIFT of Therapy

I’m a firm believer that there is always a reason—at least one—for us to be thankful. However, I also understand that some hardships and heartaches are intensified during the holidays. Feelings of sadness or anxiety are even higher for numerous

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Photo by: Natasha Hall,

Black Military Families Who Homeschool

Homeschooling for many Black families existed long before the Covid-19 pandemic inspired some parents to educate their own children (full-time). For some Black veteran homeschoolers, the journey of homeschooling is certainly “the road less traveled.” Despite being treated as social

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Everyday Fathers

Forty years…it took me forty years! Up until eight short months ago, I did not know who my biological father was.  When I prayed as a teenager, I often referred to the Creator as “Daddy,” just so I could use

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