S.I.Q. Is Not An Option!

I love it when my husband returns home, from being in such close quarters with all of those lovely germs! A few days after reuniting with my handsome life-partner, from being on a Naval ship for almost two months, he didn’t do

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Pushing Through! By Aitya Nathan.

Have you ever heard the infamous phrase, “you knew what you were getting yourself into?”   A friend may have said that to you in a pitiful attempt at comforting you or perhaps you have uttered these words to yourself.  No

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Adults Becoming Grownups

I wonder how many arguments or friendship breakups would occur if people had those SAME conversations face-to-face? No texting, no Facebook, and no interactions on social media at all…What if you had to look that person in the face and converse without having the

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The Independent Dependent

There is so much diversity among the wives of service-members.  Yes, even among Black Military Wives (B.M.W.)!  We can be stationed at the same base, go to the same beauty salon, send our children to the same schools…and yet, we may differ in our

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Our Mission

There’s nothing like having healthy, loving, supportive sisterhoods between women, especially Black women, who might find it difficult to meet and bond with others while moving all over the world.  In 2009, I was living in an unfamiliar place without family

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Black Military Love

As I prepared to celebrate my ten year wedding anniversary this weekend, I excitedly got on the internet to look up some mushy love quotes for military couples. I planned on sharing the images on Facebook, as a tribute to my husband

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