You Can! You Will! By Atiya Nathan

Yes, the military lifestyle can be stressful, but so can the civilian lifestyle.  Thankfully, I’m a silver-lining type of gal and I like to look at the glass as half-full.  I’m very aware, however, that there are some women who are knee–or even chest–deep in stress and the glass looks completely empty.  These words are for you:

Somewhere inside you there is still the spirit of that little girl who was full of life and adventure.  Yes, she’s still there, although she may be hidden.  Inside you there is a teenager who may have lived life on the edge or even played it safe; no matter who she was she had fun.  Deep down in your spirit there is that young girl who wanted to change the world or embark on a life full of wonder and awe.  She is still there and she is waiting to be awakened.  Forget about the New Year, it’s a new day and if granted, tomorrow will be a new day too!  What does that mean for you?  It’s not too late to reimagine your goals and dreams.  It’s not too late to think about your future and plan for it.  Sure, your spouse’s job is unpredictable and your kids are even MORE unpredictable, but YOU CAN DO IT!

You are still…YOU!!  Yes, you’re you and being you means that you can do it!  Wow, I was teetering along the lines of sounding like Dr. Seuss for a moment!.  Do you get what I’m saying here?  YOU CAN DO IT!  

1) Take five minutes to jot down your goals and read them ALOUD.

2) Focus on one goal (the smallest goal).  Just one!

3) Imagine yourself completing that one goal.

4) Close your eyes and imagine how you will feel when you accomplish this goal. Imagine how your spouse, kids or other loved ones will feel and take a deep breath with a sense of accomplishment.

5) Okay, open your eyes! Break down your goals into steps (i.e. objectives).  What are the simple, daily tasks you need to do to complete your goal?

6) Post this brainstorming page on your fridge, type it into your phone or tape it onto your desk.

7) Look at it every single day.  (I’m a praying woman, so I pray over my goals).

8) Start and complete your first objective.

9). Start and complete your second objective (You see where I’m going, right?)

10) STAY FOCUSED despite what’s going on and fight the urge to quit by pushing through.  Double check your objectives to make sure they are small enough for you to handle.

***Mission accomplished!  Your goal is complete…ENJOY THE MOMENT BECAUSE YOU DID IT!

Remember, behind every strong military wife, there is another military wife pushing through with you and holding you up!  Support one another and realize just how special you are!  Don’t lose yourself in this lifestyle, because you have goals and dreams to accomplish.  Push through!


Post By: Atiya Nathan, MSW. Atiya (pictured) is a proud Navy wife, mother of two beautiful children and a professional, who encourages others to enhance their lives.