Jamilah earned a B.A. in Psychology & Spanish, along with a M.S. in Counseling: Marriage & Family Therapy. Shortly after obtaining a Masters, Jamilah became a Navy wife. Jamilah's journey as a Black woman navigating through a new experience as a professional and a military spouse (and later, a mother), inspired her to create the FIRST platform on social media specifically for "Black Military Wives." Black Military Wives, LLC. is also inclusive to "Black Female Military Service-members." The strong foundation of the sisterhood that exist between these women, confirmed Jamilah's true purpose: to connect Black women affiliated with the military to resources, support and a kindred community.


“Home sweet home” is a phrase that doesn’t always apply to military families when we visit our hometowns. For some of us, returning home can be bittersweet. After living in different places and meeting a variety of people, our perspective of home might shift. Our beliefs might be altered. We inevitably change, as we continue to embark …

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A Mother of Sheroes: An Army Wife’s Story of Raising Daughters Who Joined the Military.

Have you ever heard the phrase, “If you want to make God laugh, tell him YOUR plans?”  Well, Teesa definitely made God chuckle, as she planned out her future upon graduating from high school and entering college.  Teesa Albert (a pseudonym) went to college right after she completed her senior year of high school, with …

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Everyday Fathers

Forty years…it took me forty years! Up until eight short months ago, I did not know who my biological father was.  When I prayed as a teenager, I often referred to the Creator as “Daddy,” just so I could use the word.  Not all of the time–just usually when I wanted “fatherly” advice on something, …

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Mothers of Angels

If life begins at conception, so does motherhood. I remember reading a post in which a woman introduced her family.  She shared, “I have four children, which includes an angel-baby.”  My heart melted.  Her angel-baby wasn’t pictured in the family photograph near her other three kids, but spiritually, the baby was there!   The child …

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The Pre-Deployment Plan

When someone says that his/her spouse is deployed, my empathy immediately goes out to the person left behind while also praying for their spouse’s safety.   When it comes to the spouses who are counting down the days, I understand how challenging it is to be without their loved ones, especially if you’re raising children without additional support.  …

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My Birthday, Our Party.

As a child, I didn’t have many Birthday parties.  No, we weren’t Jehovah’s Witnesses.  We–my siblings and I–just didn’t have many Birthday parties.   As a pre-teen, I was in the Big Brother & Sister program, and was given an amazing “Big Sister” named Ada.  Ada gave me my first Birthday party–she planned all of my Birthday parties, as a child, actually. …

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Romance, Revised

Earlier in the relationship, you were probably more risky.  Boundless intimacy on the patio while the neighbors in the adjacent apartment building could look on–if they just happened to walk outside–made your heart race.   Making love in the Caribbean’s clear waters as others laughed and splashed around–completely oblivious of the pure bliss that transpired only 50ft away–felt surreal.  And, …

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Building Walls

Have you heard the saying, “Don’t tell me what they said about me. But, tell me why they were so comfortable telling you?” Most people would agree that trust is important. Even among criminals, trust is an intricate part of how they plan their next move with their fellow racketeers.Credence is essential, not only for …

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She’s Married to Whom?!

ALL healthy military matrimonies are beautiful! But, it’s the non-traditional unions in the “Black military Wives” Facebook group that recently captured my attention; these marriages are taking their gumption to new heights. Lately, I’ve seen more and more Black women married to non-Black men. Some of the wives in the group actually also have wives! The most common thread within the large amount of unexpected military …

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